Friday, June 01, 2012

Two Hats

I wear two hats at work these days - librarian and knowledge manager. It's interesting to observe which term people prefer to use in referring to me and my job. My peers at the junior staff level almost exclusively call me a librarian when introducing me to new people. The senior management on the other hand wants us to be only called knowledge management staff, and to not use the phrase "library staff" (I haven't asked how they feel about "librarian" since I suspect I already know the answer to that question). I'm not sure why they don't like the "library staff" label, but it does make for some awkward wording when we make announcements about library events or issues.

Personally, I call myself a librarian when talking to non-librarians outside the organization about my job, since it's far easier for people to grasp what I do than trying to explain in just a few words what knowledge management is. People get what a librarian is, and what I do, and generally think it's pretty cool. When I talk to other librarians then I'll mention the knowledge management part of my job and they understand that and get that I'm doing both types of work.

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