Monday, March 07, 2011

Recommended Fun Stuff

My friend Emily and her husband have started a new creative writing blog/journal/project thing - Dr. Hurley's Snake-Oil Cure. Knowing them both, it promises to be very interesting, so you should all check it out.

Eventually, they plan to include:
  • Fiction: short or long, serious, silly, or poetry
  • Non-fiction: articles, reviews, history, opinion, aphorisms, etc.
  • Art: drawings, watercolors, photos, comics, etc. 
  • Multimedia: if you have audio and video content, we're happy to post it online, and link to it in print
  • Dr. Hurley specials: Tonics (i.e. drinks or faux-medicinal recipes - see Dr. H's No. 1 as an example)
  • Biographical information on the mysterious Dr. Hurley (first-person accounts, portraits of the doctor, historical information, correspondence to or from the Dr. - see the first installment of his Biography on the blog here.)

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  1. Hey! Thanks! Also important: submissions are OPEN! Send along any old thing and we'll consider it!