Friday, August 27, 2010

A Super Fictional Librarian

Check out this great piece on one of the Bitch Media blogs about Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl) and how her writers have made being a librarian into its own kind of super power.

(And if you're not already familiar with Bitch, check out the rest of their site as well, it's a great magazine!)

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  1. "Given Gordon's history as a savvy librarian, it makes sense that she would be tapped into the wonders of the Internet before the general public." This sparked two fond memories for me. When I was applying to library school I became aware of two foundational library experiences that I didn't even know I'd had (the kind that make me wonder why it took me 30 years to figure out that I should become a librarian). Thing #1 is that in 1995 my college library was offering some weird free tutorial on something called "Alta-Vista" and I went! The librarian teaching me and 3 other geeks about something called the Internet and "search engines" said it was going to be big, huge. We had to type some really long command for about 3 minutes to do a simple search, and this is how I learned Boolean logic. Thing #2 is that I had to come up with a summer "secondary" project in Peace Corps and my school inexplicably had this untouched dark room full of thousands of textbooks so I attempted to create a card catalog for it. I always forget that when I say how many library jobs I've had.