Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Training in the Cloud or Mobile Labs

Track E, Teaching: Technologies & Approaches
Maurice Coleman, Bobbi Newman, Delores Rondinella

Stark County District Library's Technology Training Program
  • Quality verses quantity, longer sessions
  • Create classroom environment
  • Learn what needs to be taught not what you want to teach
  • Create strong handouts for learners to take away
  • Training sessions for specific groups
Training in the Cloud or 30 Things in 20 Minutes
@librarianbyday, @baldgeekinmd

Scheduling - 30 Boxes, doodle
Curriculum development - WikiSpaces, Delicious or other social bookmarks
Mindmapping - mindmeister, freemind
Resource sharing - custom start pages (netvibes), Feed My InBox (RSS to e-mail)
File Sharing - Slideshare, dropbox, box.net, drop.io
Communication - twitter (private users, class hashtag), friendfeed (has some privacy settings)
Anytime Class Space (aka Asynchronous) - Ning, Jing
Live Class Space (Simultaneous) - Skype (can record with Audacity), tinychat, dimdim
Evaluation - Poll Everywhere (live in powerpoint polling via text or twitter), online surveys (Survey Monkey, Zoomerang)
Archiving - Slideshare to share, Audacity to record and create podcasts to host on TalkShoe, Wink (Screencasting!), UStream does live stream plus archive

Google and Zoho are the two biggies.
Can publish documents to a URL that can be shared.
Zoho is a little easier to use than google, less searching to find the available tools,

Two very different presentations in this session, the first was dry and boring, the second very energetic.

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