Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Wave

Track D, Collaboration Strategies and Tools

Rebecca Jones, Bob Keith

This session was planned far in advance, when Google Wave was first previewed and seemed like the next big thing. Google took a big risk in putting something out that was still in Alpha stage (not even Beta). Many people joined and then jumped ship because it didn't do anything at the time, now there's lots more happening. The thing about it being a collaborative space is that it connects you with other people, even those outside the library world.

Wave vs. Email (if e-mail were invented today, Google thinks it would look like Wave)
  • Wave is real time. No delay, see text as you're typing.
  • Extensible, can add gadgets to go beyond text. Robots can work with the text that's posted to provide extra information based on conversation.
  • Hosted conversation, a single wave prevents branching of different versions
  • Playback allows latecomers to see evolution of the conversation over time
  • Easy file sharing, drag and drop into a wave if you're using Chrome or Google Gears
Open source protocal, they will eventually release software for wave server. List in wave is not extensive, only includes in-house and widespread/stable gadgets.

Automated participants in a wave, can do anything a user can do, mostly respond to input and do something with it. They're added as 'people' in your wave.


What's it good for?
  • Project Management
  • Work logs
  • Event planner
Working on Permissions levels that can be set by the wave creator

Can now get e-mail notification when a wave is updated.

  • Low adoption due to Wave being invite only
  • It can be slow at times
  • No one but the user can remove themselves from a wave, but waves are private by default.
  • Can't yet rely on Google to archive/save things. If you need it, you should copy and paste it out to another document. You can drag a wave to another wave to link them.
The Complete Guide to Google Wave by Gina Trapani (

"Somebody has to own the collaboration" - Rebecca

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