Thursday, April 15, 2010

Computers in Libraries Wrapup

Note: this post was written back in April but never published at the time. I'm back dating it to keep it in order with the other CiL posts.

Computers in Libraries in now over for me so I wanted to get a couple of thoughts down before I walk away and forget.

First, I really like going to library conferences. It's nice to get out of the day-to-day work world and think about some of the bigger picture issues.

Second, the new Archivist of the U.S. seems like a very interesting person. I didn't take online notes during his keynote/interview, but he was very engaging and funny. He also made me feel much better about how my own government agency is doing on records management.

Third, there's lots of technology out there, much of it for free, and it would be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to try every new thing. However, if there's one thing that I've heard repeatedly these few days it's that free tech is free like kittens not free like beer. It takes planning and preparation to implement technology, even the free stuff (perhaps even more so the free stuff as there's frequently no tech support from the vendor). Don't jump on a technology bandwagon before you figure out if it's the right bandwagon for your library to be on.

All in all, it was a good conference, and I got some things that I think will be useful, as well as some things to think about for the future.

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