Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloud Computing & Digital Video

Track C, Cool Tools
Jason Clark @jaclark,
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What is the Cloud?
It's internet-based computing, move away from client-server model. Can be storage, functionality, infrastructure. Some options include: Amazon S3, OCLC Digital Archive for storage or Web-scale management services, Google App Engine, Datastores of popular sites like Flickr/YouTube/, Google Docs and Fusion Tables.

The problem to be addressed: quickly create scalable digital video platform with bells and whistles
Solution: use online vido services for ingest, datasore, metadata, file conversion, distribuion, and vido player: result is TerraPod -
  • background for uploads from anywhere, generates a whole host of formats, librarians don't have to do conversions by hand
  • using built-in player means you don't have to generate your own flash player
  • can queue things for inclusion, view metadata from user when they upload
Cloud = Infrastructure
Cloud = Platform
  • Access to programming languages
  • Deployment tools 
  • Application stacks
  • Blank slate for data
Cloud = Web Scale
  • Network benefit
  • Enhanced distribution
  • Social architectures build in
Advantages: small shop, many contributors with a familiar user interface, optimized search index, metadata entry and harvest, social feature, media player, multiple file outputs, multiple distribution formats (i.e. Blip will give you YouTube or iTunes distribution)
Disadvantages: data is in the cloud so there's a loss of control, terms of service on these sites may affect what you can do (esp. in terms of selling services/content), occasionally a lag in the API for changes, support varies by site

Best Practices
  • let the cloud architecture do the heavy lifting, esp. if you have a small staff
  • archive locally if you must
  • reuse metadata that cloud sites create
  • outsource file conversion, it's tedious and time consuming (vetted resources from the government)
Google Data Liberation Front - strategic initiative to allow you to get data back out of its projects

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