Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who works here?

In order to correctly assign security privileges in our new document management system, I had to put together a list of employees by department. Sounds easy, right? HA!

It took me two hours last week and at least another four hours this afternoon to go through four separate lists of the people who supposedly work here and figure out who was or was not on each list, and which list had the correct department information for that person. In some cases, three of the lists would give me three different departments for the same person. While it's true that some people do work for more than one department, I'm certain that's not the case for all these people. I ended up having to call and e-mail a few people directly to find out who actually works in their departments.

While I completely understand how this happened (HR has one list of who's legally employed, IS has another list of who has user accounts for technology services, and the online Staff Directory lists... well, I'm not entirely sure where that list comes from), I find it exceedingly ridiculous that it took so long to compile what ought to have been a relatively simple request. If ever I've seen a problem just begging for a knowledge management solution, this is absolutely it.

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