Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Someone Else

It amazes me sometimes how differently people will react when given the same information or request from two different sources. I have two perfect examples of this from just the past hour:
  1. In setting up our new document management system I gave some instructions to a department about how to transfer their existing file structure to a system profile. In a conference call just now a representative of the company setting up the software gave them more or less the exact same information and suddenly they're much more agreeable and ready to get to work on it.
  2. I tried several times to set up a meeting with someone from another department and couldn't even get her to acknowledge my existence. My boss went up and asked about setting up a meeting and all of a sudden she's quite agreeable to whatever I need.
Whether it's an outside expert or someone higher up the authority chain, sometimes it takes hearing from someone different for people to really acknowledge what's being said. Even if what I had to say was correct or important, it doesn't have the same impact coming from me as it does from someone else.

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