Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is a complete and blatant pitch for a product, but I fell in love with a database today and have to share the love. Actually, to be specific, I fell in love with a database creation tool.

QuickBase is a product from Intuit that lets you create what it calls 'applications' (basically databases) on the fly. Give it a name, a table, and a couple of fields and you're good to go. I went from having never even seen the thing to having a database up and running in less than 30 minutes this morning and it was great. There are lots of controls for user permissions, editing, page setups, and so forth.

I was impressed by the ease of use, and how much of the work the system did for me. I had started this project in FileMaker and the difference is amazing. Granted, all the work of defining the fields was already done, and all the data was in a single organized spreadsheet ready to be uploaded, but even so, the speed with which I had something put together that is public quality was impressive.

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