Monday, November 17, 2008

Stephen Abram Presents

My program had a special presentation by Stephen Abram tonight and it was wonderful, really informative and inspiring all at once. For example, did you know that having a library can increase a school's standardized test scores by an average of 25 points?

His talk was overall about the future of libraries and how they ought to be at the forefront of the radical economic change that is coming now. He had lots of really good examples about how librarians have influenced the development of the web (did you know that the Google guys' adviser was a librarian?) and how library skills fit into the new information economy. He also talked about the importance of librarians advocating for themselves and their services, and the ways in which we need to think differently about marketing. One of my favorite lines was about promoting the verbs in the library, not the nouns.

I was happy to note that many of the things he recommended that librarians should do I am in fact already doing - blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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