Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring and other yarn news...

It finally feels like springtime outside and it's about freakin' time too. I can always tell when I'm ready for the seasons to change because I start to get really sick of my clothes and can never find anything to wear in the mornings.

In other news, I went to Debbie Stoller's book signing for The Happy Hooker on Sunday and got a chance to see the samples of some of the projects in the book. I had already bought the yarn for the granny square bag before the monster project started so I was glad to see how great it looked in person. I think after I do that I may attempt the green jacket project - I've never really crocheted any garments but it's very cute and doesn't look too difficult.

As for the never-ending crochet project I think that I may have to do some work on it on the airplane tomorrow but it will most definitely be done on time. Perhaps the border won't be as nice as I had planned but then again a fancy border would just detract from the simple beauty of the rest of the piece so maybe it's a fortunate accident. I have come to the realization on this project that however long you think it will take to weave in all your yarn ends you should always increase that time by at least half because it always takes longer.

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